crystyl mo coaching faq


+ What is Bulletproof Coaching?

When people hear Bulletproof, many people think of coffee made with butter! Actually Bulletproof Coaching is not focused on coffee or even primarily on diet. 

Bulletproof Coaching is founded on presence-based listening, mindfulness and empowering clients to manifest their true potential. In addition, our training includes the latest in nutrition science, exercise, sleep, neurofeedback, biofeedback and other cutting-edge wellness approaches. 

As coaches we strive to guide clients to adjust their internal and external environments for optimal health and resilience. Beyond that, each Bulletproof Coach has her own unique focus. 

+ What are your specialty areas?

Rather than just one area, I encourage holistic health in clients, including physical and psychological wellness. In particular, I guide people in their work on relationships and values: relationship to self, partners and friends, parents and children, colleagues and society, work and goals. 

I help clients examine meaning in their current work or goals, or consider what new goals would have greater meaning. Our journey is toward mindfulness, improved communication with all those in your life, and how to live in alignment with values. We connect with your life purpose and your understanding of happiness. 

In addition, I can guide clients in designing a bioindividual healthy diet, exercise and sleep schedule. Many people don't realize that if they train effectively, they don't need to spend hours and hours each week to keep fit. Meanwhile, the importance of sleep cannot be overestimated!


Coaching focuses on the present and the future. Coaches work with clients who are high-functioning and committed to personal growth. In a coaching relationship, the client holds the power to decide their own agenda, goals and path of progress. The coach is there to ask powerful questions, to witness and provide perspective, to invoke greater self-awareness and at times, to provide specific knowledge. 

A coach champions her client and helps the client to perceive her own true potential. A therapist, on the other hand, in general, retains power in the relationship, often focuses on exploration and understanding of the past, and sometimes works with people in crisis, depression or other challenged states. 


I coach people all over the world through online video conferencing. We will begin with a free one-hour discovery session to get to know each other and mutually decide if we are a good fit. If we go forward, you will complete coaching intake forms and make payment for your full coaching package before our next meeting. 

+ I'm interested, but I don't think I can afford private coaching.

This is an investment in yourself, your physical, emotional and spiritual health. I myself work with top coaches and therapists because I know how valuable it is to have skillful guides who are fully dedicated to my growth. Coaching is worth exactly how much you're willing to put into it. If you are genuinely committed to your personal transformation, you will reap what you sow. 

+ I have a very busy schedule with travel and work. Can you meet me when I'm home, traveling or in the office?

The beauty of online coaching is we can meet each other any time, any where. I have a flexible schedule and can work with you to find a regular time that fits your busy life.

+ What type of call software do you use?

My favorite conferencing software is Zoom. You can download the free software onto your computer, or install the app on your phone. Zoom generally provides the fastest connection and it also allows you to record the session which is valuable for review and reflection. I can also use Skype.

+ Ready to start?

Please email or WeChat me to introduce yourself and share any questions you have. My WeChat: mscrystyl.