Slovenian wine country is magical. Majerija is an immaculate fairytale inn and restaurant. Every minute detail from the house to the menu is just so: wood, stone, cloth, wine, wild game, mushrooms, herbs, all perfectly paired. The house garden has curious windows in the ground: these are skylights, looking down into the 12 exactingly spic and span underground guest rooms.

The terroir births the cuisine: porcini and wild thyme gathered in the morning by the restaurant manager, deer leg, cabbage and raspberries from the neighboring mountains, dandelion greens and mint from the gardens. The trees in the orchard bear persimmon, cherry, apricot, plum, fig, 18 heritage varieties of apple. Matej is your welcoming host, together with his wife, daughter and staff - all are perfectionists, even the towels and sheets in the laundry room are folded so perfectly it's like the work of fairies.