I’ve had the great fortune of working in the food scene in Shanghai for over a decade as an editor, consultant and TV host. I’ve written about food, travel and culture for Conde Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times T Style Magazine, Departures, Black Ink, Forbes Travel, CNNGo and more.

I've been a guest or host on many fun food-related TV shows on networks including CNN, the BBC,  ABC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Most recently I was a guest on CNN's "On China" hosted by Kristie Lu Stout with two amazing co-panelists, chef Paul Pairet and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop.

I lecture at universities and provide consulting and food industry insights to multinational companies, most recently focused on global dining trends and food sustainability issues. These have included NYU, the University of Toronto, Unilever, PepsiCo, WhatIf, IDEO and more.

I’m Strategic Advisor and equity partner at tech start-up Bon App, which combines the best features of Yelp, Meetup and Facebook creating a dynamic online and offline foodie community. Bon App's free app and website are the best tools to discover and share your favorite restaurants and meet awesome like-minded foodies.

I was on the founding team of Time Out Shanghai, a global award-winning magazine published in 30 countries. I was Food Editor for Time Out Shanghai for nearly five years, covering the city’s massive dining scene which now numbers over 180,000 restaurants. I haven’t eaten at every single one of them but I do my best with the one stomach that I have.

Previously I was China Correspondent for Time Warner's Asiaweek magazine writing national stories on everything from economics issues to the mobile phone industry, modern art to the Olympics.

Originally from Cambridge MA (and I still consider myself a Cantabridgean!), I moved to China 19 years ago to study Chinese at Nanjing University and IUB, the UC Berkeley immersion Chinese training program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I also studied Chinese at UMass Amherst, Harvard University extension school and Middlebury College. It takes a long time to learn this zany language.

I’m an ardent devotee of Jillian Michaels—with my job (eating as a profession), this is necessary.

I study a functional medicine-based approach to diet, with elements of Weston A. Price, The Bulletproof Diet and Chris Kresser's approach. All this means is I try to eat a high-saturated-fat diet, naturally raised meats and fish, fermented and sprouted foods and loads of organic vegetables.

My third career is as a Bulletproof Coach, guiding my clients using a compassionate, holistic approach which combines mindfulness with cutting-edge nutrition and exercise science.

I have studied happiness, well-being, meditation and many coaching modalities through courses and workshops at The Bulletproof Training Institute, Internal Family SystemsUC Berkeley, The Hakomi Institute, Octave Shanghai and the Asian Leadership Institute.

I coach clients around the world to explore their greatest potential and deepest values through mindfulness and healthy living. See my coaching page here.